Gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery is highly effective for nonbinary patients

Even in the context of transgender identities and gender-affirming care and medical treatments, gender norms and stereotypes received from a cissexist society can still be uncomfortably prevalent, and this is particularly visible in the hostility with which nonbinary people trans people are often met. From within trans communities, “transmedicalist” factions often argue that the authenticity of one’s transness is defined by one’s desire and willingness to undergo certain gender-affirming medical interventions; from outside, “gender-critical” trolls characterize being nonbinary as merely adopting a superficial identity for the sake of distinguishing oneself as “special” or “different”, while wider society often has little awareness of the possibility and reality of genders outside the female/male binary at all.

None of these notions reflect the reality of nonbinary trans people’s lives – and one instance in which this becomes particularly clear is in nonbinary trans people’s pursuit of gender-affirming surgeries. Continue reading “Gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery is highly effective for nonbinary patients”