“Hey, where’s my Gender Analysis?”

Greetings, programs! You might have noticed that the blog looks a little different, doesn’t have a lot of its content, is kind of hideous, is located at an entirely new domain… Okay, it’s not even the same blog. Here’s the scoop: At Gender Analysis, we relied on hosting from a provider that turned out not to be as reliable as we thought. Whoops. But don’t be alarmed! We’re restoring from backups over the next few days, and Gender Analysis as you know it will be resurrected in its totality. While that process is underway, we’re using rapidonsetgenderdysphoria.com (which we somehow managed to grab before anyone else thought to!) as a temporary holding area for new Gender Analysis content. In the meantime, if you’re looking for material that’s currently offline during this transition, you can find a complete archival copy of genderanalysis.net at the Internet Archive. So please stand by, and we’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming shortly.

Analytically yours,

The Gender Analysis Team

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